Custom template for your tube site in just 1 minute!

Building custom video sites (CJs, tube sites, etc) has just got a lot easier. With TubeWizard, you can create fully customized templates in less than a minute - and for free, too. No PHP/HTML/CSS knowledge required. It's all automated and very simple. Build new video sites smarter and faster, create custom templates and help your business grow.

TubeWizard features:

  • Easy Integration With Scripts
  • 100% Customized Templates
  • High-Quality HTML Code
  • Exclusive Templates Every Week
  • SEO-Friendly Templates
  • Customer Support and Help

How does TubeWizard work?

How Tube Wizard Pro work?
Pick a template
Customize styles and options with our Wizard
Save and download the template

CMS and script support

SmartCJ Templates, Design, Layouts

SmartCJ is ultra fast, ready to process millions of hits. All the trade info is stored in a bulletproof MySQL database. SmartCJ has already released over 50 updates, and new features are added constantly.

Inxy Templates, Design, Layouts

Inxy Site & Feeds is a new revolutionary CMS for all types of sites and content, from classic FHGsto self-hosted Flash galleries. Launching multi-niche sites with multiple types of content has never been easier.

StreamRotator Templates, Design, Layouts

StreamRotator is a system that features grabber and rotator modules for thumbnail- and text-based sites. This PHP script run on MySQL, gdlib, imagemagick, and CRON.

Save your money and time with TubeWizard!

Building 10 new sites Manual Tube Wizard
Designs $500-$2,000 (1 - 4 weeks) $0
HTML Layouts $250-$1,000 (0.5 - 2 weeks) $0
Intergration with CMS $250-$2,000 (0.5 - 3 weeks) $0
Total: $1,000-$5,000 (2 - 8 weeks) $100 / month

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